Diane Blume formed the Night Vision Band in 2000 after a fifteen year hiatus from the local music scene. Originally conceived as a revival of her original band, Three’s Company, the line-up featured her son Gerad Blume on drums and original bassist Tyrone Walton. As the years passed, this little experiment grew into a major investment as the band’s equipment began to include a 1969 Silver Eagle touring bus, a fold-out mobile stage, and thousands of dollars worth of equipment. The band’s lineup changed as well with Tyrone’s retirement in 2004 and Gerad coming out front as lead guitarist. Since then, the band has won many fans throughout the tri-state area (South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina) and has been noted for their generosity and approachableness, as well as their spirited and complex musical performances.

The band makes it home in Batesburg, South Carolina and is proficient in the genres of classic rock, country, and soul.