What kind of music does the Night Vision Band play?

Believe it not, this is one of our most difficult questions. For most of our existence we have marketed ourselves as a “variety band,” but the problem is that “variety” means different things to different people. As various members of the Night Vision Band have brought different tastes over the years, the types of music we have excelled at have changed. We view this as an asset. However, while we generally try to accommodate our audiences, realistically, we cannot please everybody. Therefore, as a rule, the Night Vision Band is most proficient in the genres of classic rock, country, and soul.

Why should I hire a band rather than a DJ?

Disc jockeys are an important part of music history, and if it was not for the likes of Alan Freed and Wolfman Jack, we would be out of a job. However, as the economy worsens the use of DJs as a substitute for live music has increased simply because they are cheaper. The reason they are cheaper – or, why live music is more expensive – is because musicians invest massive amounts of money and time perfecting their art for the audience. The simple fact is, no matter how you slice it, the DJ is doing little more than playing the same music you could have had you purchased it yourself. Hiring the services of a seasoned, well-prepared band ensures you that not only have the music you desire, but you have it performed uniquely, catering to the whims of the audience in whatever manner you see fit.

Why does _____ song not completely match the original recording?

This is not unusual; in fact, most bands – big and small – do not perform their songs the same way twice. There are several reasons for this, the most simple being that the human mind can only remember so many songs before they start to run together. The alternatives for this range between playing the same sets for every show or playing with the aid of sheet music. We members of the Night Vision Band have decades of experience behind us as musicians, and as such, prefer to offer our audiences the best show possible by keeping a wider song selection and avoiding the aloofness found in groups who play by sheet music. For every song the Night Vision Band performs, countless hours of practice and preparation are put into effect. While we may not play your favorite song exactly like the original recording, please remember that we are not the original artist. You are listening to our interpretation of that song, and while we will strive to make it sound as much like the original as possible, the end result will always be unique to the Night Vision Band.

“You are too loud!” “Is all that equipment really necessary?

We don’t often hear these complaints, but when we do, it is always from the most persistent of audience members. There are some important things to keep in mind on this subject. First, a large part of music is psychological, meaning that certain images and rhythms can cause one to react as if a song is louder when it is, in fact, the same volume as the previous song. Second, just because you see a large speaker or amplifier does not mean that piece of equipment is even active – incredibly, we have been told to turn the music down before powering up. Nor should you assume that larger pieces of equipment are intended for louder volumes, as our most important concern is quality of tone. Third, older audiences often have a habit of believing that music should be no louder than that of a private conversation. While this may be appropriate for elevator music, live musicians are hired to perform, not provide ambiance (see the paragraph on DJs if all you wish for is background music). Likewise, anyone who attends a performance without any intention of listening to the music is not likely to be satisfied by an acoustic performance – requests for a drummer to “not hit so hard” are odd, requests for an acoustic guitarist to “not strum so hard” are just silly.

Do you have any original material?

Yes, we do. Many members of the Nigh Vision Band, past and present, are accomplished songwriters, and have had their works published by many famous artists. However, we do not always perform our original material as we structure our playlists based on what we believe will be the most commonly requested songs at a particular venue.

What ever happened to ______?

The Night Vision Band has been in continuous operation for over ten years, and as such, has gone through some line-up changes. Most members of the band have been seasoned professionals, and as such, do not always have the luxuries of good health and time away from family necessary to maintain the rigorous lifestyle of a performing musician. Over the years, various past members of the band have left for reasons that include failing health, education, and a desire to spend more time with family. While this is unfortunate, we understand such needs and are on good relations with all past members. Information on members of the Night Vision Band can be found on the About Us page; if you cannot find the information you seek, do not hesitate to e-mail us through the Contact & Bookings page.

Why do you dress in such a manner?

In some ways, we of the Night Vision Band are a bit old-fashioned. This is particularly obvious in our dress standards. While we do not believe that bands should always be required to dress outrageously formal or completely alike, we do believe that bands should dress in a manner apart from the audience. The Night Vision Band prides itself on professional appearance and will guarantee that your event – be it formal or informal – the band will stand apart as it should.

How much do you charge?

It depends. Some people get annoyed that we do not play for a fixed rate but doing so just doesn’t make sense. There are numerous factors involved, and if you are interested in booking a band – any band – you need to be ready to answer these sorts of questions:

Why does it cost ____?

Performing music is a job – a very tough job. It takes a great deal of physical effort for a band to perform. Aside from that, you must never forget that there is more to a band’s appearance than their performance. When you hire a band, your money goes toward rehearsals, equipment maintenance, copious amounts of diesel fuel, room and board (when necessary), and the erection and disassembly of extremely heavy equipment. We are not machines to be turned on and off as you desire; we are living people who exert ourselves to make an honest living. You are not hiring people who play music as a hobby, you are hiring seasoned professionals. We are some of the best in our field and you will get what you pay for.

Can I sit-in? Can I sing a song? Can I help set-up/tear-down?

These sorts of loaded questions put us in a difficult spot. We realize that we can be rather finicky about our equipment but few people understand just how much our equipment is worth. A scratch on a guitar or a dent on a drum hoop may mean nothing to you, but to us, that scratch is a mark on a $3,000 investment and that dent a mark on a $5,000 investment. (It is for this reason that weather, particularly in outdoor events, is such an important issue – an unaccounted rainfall could potentially destroy everything we own in a matter of minutes.) That said, we have been known to make exceptions for people to come onstage and sit-in or sing. Do keep in mind that permission must be secured beforehand, and we absolutely do not tolerate any drunkenness, lewdness, or disrespect onstage. If you are to perform onstage with us, we expect you to hold yourself accountable to the same standards that we hold ourselves. Likewise, in regard to helping the band set-up or tear-down, there is a procedure to our work that is known only to Night Vision members. We appreciate the gesture, but there is really little you can do.