Diane Horton Blume

All of Diane Blume’s children have inherited her passion for music, and Gerad, her youngest, is no exception. His music education began with piano lessons, taken from his mother’s former teacher, the indomitable Edith Hawfield. While he never became quite as proficient with the piano as Diane, Gerad credits this experience as being the foundation of his music career. Since then, Gerad has worked professionally recording and performing as a drummer, bassist, and lead guitarist, and can claim a moderate proficiency with a wide variety of instruments.

Like Diane, Gerad used his musical career as a means to work through college, and as such, has established himself as a successful historian. A graduate of the University of South Carolina-Aiken and Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont, Gerad has recently returned from PhD work in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Now, Gerad has rejoined the band as its current bassist, taking the place of the recently lost Tommy Martin.